Monday, July 28, 2014

Manhattan Skyline

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

sleepy town

My lively little town has gone sleepy…

shadows and light

I love how this shot came out… I need to pay more attention to shadows and light in 2014.

Warn the others….

There is some sort of strange New Year’s coning ritual going on. I need to investigate this further. They are evolving. Warn the others….

All of the years blend together…

All of the years blend together…

New Year’s Day

I always take a walk on New Year’s Day and see what is happening in my now quiet town… There are always families at the local shrine going to pay their respects.

Year of the Horse

Welcome Year of the Horse! I can’t believe it is 2014 already. I remember being a kid and 2020 seemed so far away but now it is only 6 years away. Thank You for everyone who came to visit ShootTokyo and engage with me over the past few years. Creating ShootTokyo brings me a tremendous amount of pleasure and you are all a big part of that. I am not a big resolutions person but rather a goal setter. Setting and measuring goals is how to ensure that you are going making progress towards your objectives. Anyone in business has heard of SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. As I look to 2014 and think about what I want to accomplish here is my current thinking: #1 Be more active on ShootTokyo I think I took a more relaxed approach to ShootTokyo last year. I thought about focusing on the art of photography and the blogging will come. I think the result ended up me being a little less focused on it that I liked. The reality for me is I am the type of person who works really well with targets and objectives to hit. For me this drives me out shooting, creating content and blog posts for you to enjoy here on ShootTokyo. I am just wired this way. Here are a few I am thinking of for ShootTokyo in 2014; 1. Double visits to ShootTokyo in 2014 2. Grow Facebook likes to 10,000 in 2014 3. Sell 12 prints in 2014 4. Sell 150 T-Shirts in 2014 It isn’t about the numbers or the money made from prints or t-shirts. It is about the pleasure of seeing people enjoy what I created. It takes a lot of effort to create ShootTokyo so I think setting goals like this makes a lot of sense. For me to do this I am going to need to make sure I am very focused in my approach to photography and posting on ShootTokyo. I am back to shooting a lot lately so I am not worry much about being able to create content. What I need to do is ensure I am very disciplined in my workflow with tagging images, selecting for a post and even writing and keeping a back log of posts ready to go. I also need to make sure I am very focused in getting posts written without getting distracted by social media, email, or TV. I think this will help ensure I can keep a steady flow of content on ShootTokyo for you to enjoy. #2 Publish a ShootTokyo book I have decided to add publishing a book as a goal for 2014. I think when I thought about it last time I over-engineered it. I have also pulled the bulk of my best images together as I prepared my ShootTokyo Portfolio and Print Shop so a lot of the heavy lifting is completed for that. I need to select a few more images and then design my book. I already know what I want the book to look like in my head. I think I can get this accomplished by mid-year. This is very attainable. #3 Hold a ShootTokyo Portfolio Show I will hold a ShootTokyo show in 2014. I will time this to be right after my book comes out. I have started to look at a few venues. I find it so easy to order and print now via my Print Shop that I don’t really have an excuse not to hold a show. #4 Continue to consistently study Japanese I think I made a lot of progress on this in 2013 and will continue in 2014. For Japanese rather than say accomplish xx by yy date I am going to focus on consistency. I find with languages number based targets burn me out where as if I focus on a goal like ‘study twice a week’ then it is much more manageable and achievable. I will continue to publish at least weekly to KaiwaTokyo so you can see my progress. #5 Remember to show my wife every day how much I love her This one is the most important one…